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House of Flynn is owned by fashion designer, Maureen Flynn. 

Founded in November, 2014, her company quickly grew and expanded internationally, first with the USA and then as registered Mexican Corporation. This journey led her into charity work and human rights advocacy. 

We suggested a nice "About Maureen" section, but she insisted on a brief interview, in a completely non serious manner. 

The Interview

Tell us About You, Maureen? 

"Well, I am a Mom first, always. I have 3, amazing kids. 6, 4 and 1 year. I am married to my soulmate. He is everything. You hear about the people who have these incredible bonded loves. That would be us. We are the ending and beginning of each other. Together, we have this little family of ours that is imperfectly perfect. "

Ok Maureen, but what about YOU? 

 "Insistent much, are we? Ok, fine. So, I love to travel, Mexico is my soul home. I am a mermaid in my spare time. That just means, that I have a bunch of professional, silicone tails and I swim in them. I am a free diver and the extra weight from the 35 pound tail, gives me a better workout. Clear blue water is my favorite thing in the world, besides tacos. I love to dance. I feel most at home on a Caribbean night, surrounded by friends, giggling over some drinks, good food and diving. Also, I have a lot of big tattoos. I am pretty covered, actually. They represent pain that I have been through. I love animals and grew up on a horse rescue farm. Was raised in the 4-H program and always give props to them, for providing an amazing experience for kids. Wow, it is hard to tell people about me, fitting yourself in a paragraph is weird. Can I just compare myself to a TV character? (We said yes, she could.) Ok, so I am Pinkie pie, the My Little Pony, because I am so excitable and like, a party pony. I really act like her. I am also the Santa Claus from Rise of the Guardians, he is such a bada*# protector of the kids and their dreams, that is me. I am a protector. A lot of my work with charity, takes me into that realm of protecting and providing for those that can't for themselves, it is a major driving force in my life."

What do you want to tell people? 

"Sometimes, my dinner table has laundry on it. I think, what I want to stress to others is that, even as the owner of a company like this, my life isn't Instagram. I have laundry that isn't done, my kids rooms aren't always picked up, it isn't picture perfect. Too often, I see people, moms especially, striving for this standard that shouldn't exist. I need you all to know that You Are Enough. Leave the laundry on the floor or table, it can wait another day. Spend time with your family. There will always be laundry, there will always be more mess to clean up. It doesn't have to be perfect. Time is the one thing we cannot make more of. Spend yours being happy. 

Try kindness. Always. You are going to fail at it sometimes. Some days, you will be mean, you will get angry, you will be... human. Kindess isn't a demand for perfection, it is a lifestyle. You cultivate it in your life with practice. Just try. Calm the nerves, breathe and try. It is an active state of being. Be kind. "

Ok, how about some fun questions? 

What is your favorite color? 

"Sparkles, Yes, really. "

What music do you listen to most? 

"Reggaeton, Latin dance music. I like that beat that makes you move. "

Favorite Food?

 "Arrachera, Mexican thing. Also, tacos. "

Favorite thing to do? 

"Freedive in clear blue water." 

What does your Bucket List include?

"I want to swim with a great white shark. I love sharks. Holi Festival in India. Going back to the Amazon jungle. Taking my kids everywhere. Seeing my husband hold my hand in at least 20 different countries. His smile is everything."

Last One! What are you most proud of? 

"I am most proud of our HOF TRIBE facebook community. It started as a BST page for the company products, but morphed into an insanely supportive community of the most amazing people. They help each other, they give advice, they are kind. I am so proud of every one of them. All 33,000 !!!!"