Welcome to the House of Flynn!    Home of bags for Working Professionals, Moms, Dads, Photographers and life.

Workshop Rules/Regulations

We are so excited that you are interested in joining us!

Here are the rules and regulations for our workshops/retreats-

1. What happens if there is inclement weather?

We try to plan accordingly, but weather is always a worry. For all non travel events, a rain date will be provided. No refunds will be given due to weather related issues.

2. Refunds?

Once you pay your deposit, you are responsible for the balance. If you find that you cannot attend, you may sell your seat to a fellow member in good standing. If you are unable to sell it, write to an admin and they may post it for you, for increased visibility. If it remains unsold, you are responsible for the balance of the invoice by the last scheduled payment date.

3. What happens if I am not in good standing?

This will be handled on a case by case basis with the team of admins and management.

4. The House of Flynn reserves the right to turn away and eject person/s from a workshop due to behavior. We have a zero tolerance for bullying and harassment. 

5. Most workshop hours end after the last planned activity, during the day. We love spending time with our guests and may choose to hang out late, but our official work day ends with that last activity and sometimes we need a little rest. Feel free to seek out other participants and cultivate new relationships. 

6. You are responsible for any transportation, not directly listed on the inclusive list. Please make the necessary arrangements. 

7. Unless it is directly mentioned, the participants should not expect one on one mentoring time with any of the teachers, HOF staff, admins or owners. We love to talk to our guests, but with at least 15 persons attending each event, there is not time allotted for that. 

8. Sickness/Financial Hardship- We are so sorry that you may be experiencing these issues. Just like in the photography business, when you reserve a spot, that means that we cannot sell it to someone else. Please try to find a buyer for your spot or you will be responsible for the balance on the last scheduled payment date. 

9. If you miss a payment date, please contact us ASAP. We may be able to offer a two week extension. If payment date is missed by more than a month. We reserve the right to cancel your spot and you will not be refunded. It is extremely important that you meet the payment dates. If a payment is past due, by more than a month, you will not have the opportunity to sell your spot.

 If you have any questions- Please email events@thehouseofflynn.com