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Adult Onesie- Presale

$ 99.00

PRESALE- Will ship in October

If you are going to be comfy, better do it with style. 

With 100% polyester, this onesie is SOFT. Smooth outside and cozy inside. Little bit of give. Medium heavy material, this is NOT a thin onesie. This onesie is for snuggling or traveling to cold climates. It will keep you warm for sure. 

Pockets, we like them and decided this onesie should have one on each side. Double sided and keeper of important things. 

Hood, also of great significance. We added that as well. 


According to several staff members and their measurements, these are our sizing suggestions.

Redhead Model in Photos- The model in the photo is a 14 pants size in American Eagle stretch. So, 16 in non stretch. 5'4/5'5 for height. 

Size 4/6 pants- Small suggested

Size 8/10 pants- Medium 

Size 12/14 pants - Order a large.

Size 16 pants - Ordering a large will be very fitted on you and may be tight. 

Size 18/20 pants XL Suggested

Size 20/22 2XL Suggested


Machine Washable