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CLEARANCE- PLAYA/Vintage Brown Genuine Leather Mini

NEW- Redone vintage brown color. More of that warm, distressed, brown leather that screams travel and adventure! ** Each bag is unique and has different coloration. Some may be lighter than what is pictured, others, slightly darker. We love that each is a one of a kind and ask that our customers embrace that as well. 
This is the MINI version of the Evermore. 

Measurements: 14” L x 10” H x 5” W

One of our most popular bags! This is the most bought of our entire collection. Pockets everywhere, for your lip gloss, gum and keys. Compartments for camera lenses and more gear. Use it for photography, or just an everyday. 

This bag is made of the highest quality distressed genuine leather and WILL come with imperfections. We love these marks of life and embrace them. History can be told in the lines and color marbling. Create your own story. Make more marks. Let the bag age to a beautiful canvas of your travels.