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MINI Winter Box- Endless Summer

$ 119.00

Welcome to our 2019 Winter Boxes!

This surprise box is Endless Summer. Beach days and bonfire nights, surfing and clear blue ocean. Chasing the sun from the Winter and Flying to the Tropics. It will for sure be a colorful spot in your December. This box features a small, limited edition bag in a new style, (not a camera bag), some awesome soft things to wear on the shore and more. This is perfect for the beach girl who loves surf shops and the smell of salt air.

If you haven't bought a box before, here is the rundown-

We have these amazing surprise boxes that we release during the seasons. No one knows what is in them and that is part of the fun. They all have limited edition items from House of Flynn. They are sent out around the December holidays, for Winter enjoyment. 

Sizing- Pick the size that best fits you in women's cut sizing and we will make sure that if it is unisex or women's cut, that it fits closest in that size range. For example- If you wear a Large women's, we may send you a Medium unisex, depending on the sizing.