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*Secret Product* Scottish Rogue

$ 319.00

This listing is for the large Scottish Rogue bags. They are the "big sister" to the bags featured in the surprise boxes. This bag is 30% bigger and can fit a camera and few lenses. The style is completely new to House of Flynn, there is nothing currently like it. The structure is similar to a Scottish sporran, which is where the idea came from and keeps with the theme of our box. The exterior leather is a warm brown that we have not carried before. It is distressed the same as our gorgeous other leather lines. The interior is a beautiful dark blue/green plaid. Think of the highlands and earth tones. 

We are making 30 of these large bags in this shipment. 

**If you bought the box and are wondering about sizing, think of this as the Evermore and the box bag as the mini for the size difference between them (not actual measurements). 

This is a secret bag and no one gets an early peek ;-)