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Small Fable Boxes

$ 159.00

Welcome to our late summer seasonal surprise box. If this is your first time participating in our box events, Welcome! These are themed boxes in which all the contents are a complete surprise! The main item is an HOF made bag and the other items can be a mix of HOF and non HOF products. After our box release, there will be a wait until boxes arrive as we have the bags being handmade. These boxes are set to ship in July. That is our estimated timeframe and may change due to the current COVID situation. Due to the surprise nature of this product, there are no returns or exchanges of these boxes.
The value of the items, exceeds the cost of the box and is a wonderful curated surprise. 
Thank you so much for participating in our box event. All of us here at House of Flynn, try very hard to make these as wonderful as possible. Opening your box, should feel like magic.

We love you. 

The Small Fable Box- This box is the little sister of the big box bag. In fact, it is the matching set, if you put the two together. The difference in this one? It is not a camera bag though it is as big as one. This product is something HOF has never made before and we are so excited for it's release. To give you an idea of size, it is roughly 15% smaller than our mini bag, when full and 30% wider than a mini! It can hold small tablets and a lot of other things. (Not to give too many clues!)
In this round, you can choose from several options. First, the print of course, Black or Blush Fable. Second, the main exterior material. You may choose from Leather or Canvas. The Canvas still has our normal leather accents. This coordinates with all our other Blush and Black Fable options. It is the same combinations and to see examples of our canvas/leather, check out the items on the website here:  
Leather Exterior- Fable Interior  (This leather option makes the bag very form shaped, if you love leather, this is for you. This one is M's favorite.)
Fable Canvas Exterior- Striped interior /leather accents around the bag. (This is soft, unlike the leather version and does very well if you travel. Not as bulky.) 
Other things in the box-
The theme of this box is self care on a journey. The other products in this box are color coordinated to the Fable patterns. We put so much thought into each other these and hope that you love every bit. The rest is a surprise for now :-)

No discounts or credit can be used on one of these boxes. These are a special item and we want to be fair to everyone.