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Small Fall Box

$ 69.00

Our theme this year is, a touch of vintage magic. Harry Potter fans, will approve. 

This is the small Fall box listing. These boxes are a tradition with HOF to help bring magic into the holiday season. 

We have a lovely selection of goodies for you all in these boxes. They are a surprise, so enjoy the anticipation. 

For your Autumn wardrobe, we sought out the softest things we could find. Produced with all eco friendly ink, this is our favorite ever made. The sizing is unisex.

As these are Unisex sizes. Someone who is 5'4 160lbs with a C/D cup chest, size 8 in jackets, should wear a small. These are stretchy, so a small could also fit someone with a jacket size of a full cup size 4 and size 6. We apologize, there is no smaller options at this time, for these. 

** There are no exchanges for sizing, once they are received.