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PRESALE- SparkleFest Winter Box

$ 219.00

This product is sold out

** Cannot use a discount on these. 

HOF has a tradition of holiday season boxes. Each themed to bring magic into your lives. The contents of the box, remain a secret until they arrive. To open a box, is an experience. Every one, specifically tailored to take you away, to help you believe, there is magic in the world. 

This is the Sparklefest Box! Rumor has it, this is a BIG one. Only the owner of the company knows the contents, but, the main item is HOF branded and large! This box could be an entire holiday gift. 

A note from the owner:

"The theme of this box is SPARKLES! Neverland in winter. Freshly fallen snow. Snuggling by the fire. The magic of the season in the land of the second star to the right. I am smiling as I write this, knowing the lucky few who score this box are going to be very surprised. I can't wait." 

This will ship 1st /2nd week December.