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Winter Box- 90's Throwback

$ 159.00

Welcome to our Winter seasonal surprise box. If this is your first time participating in our box events, welcome! These are themed boxes in which all the contents are a complete surprise! The main item is an HOF made bag and the other items can be a mix of HOF and non HOF products.  After our box release, there will be a wait until boxes arrive as we have the bags being handmade. Due to the surprise nature of this product, there are no returns or exchanges of these boxes.
The value of the items, exceeds the cost of the box and is a wonderful curated surprise. 

About the theme of this box-
For the new year, we are releasing a limited edition holographic line. This set features a backpack and a few other bag style accessories. Perfect to travel with as they are translucent! This is a 90's throwback box with super quirky accessories, 90's style surprises and a little bit of weird. 90's babies shoutout! 

Word concepts to describe this-
All the colors
(Must we say more?) 
Unisex Sizing

Descriptors of who will love this box?

If you grew up watching Nick at Night, Are you Afraid of the Dark, playing with Pogs and putting your hair in butterfly clips, we got you. You'll love this and it will be a blast from the past. 

When will it ship?

Thank you so much for participating in our box event. All of us here at House of Flynn, try very hard to make these as wonderful as possible. Opening your box, should feel like magic.
We love you. 

No discounts or credit may be used on this purchase. Payment plans are allowed.