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Woven Straps Group F

$ 149.00

**We apologize for not being able to shoot these professionally. We will add more as the week goes on.**

For use with bags. 

This listing is for a single strap. Choose your strap letter in the listing. 


Straps are made from vintage Guatemalan woven Hupil. No two are the same. The backing is striped heavy grade canvas. 

 These are not adjustable. They vary slightly in length.  

Ethically sourced with a conscience. All our weavers are compensated fairly and treated with respect. 

It is not uncommon for some straps to have dye on the back stripe part. This happens when they are created and is a beautiful part of the handmade history of each. 

Strap comes with gold hardware.  


These are vintage handmade straps woven by wonderful ladies in Guatemala. They are not factory made. These belts are purchased not new and have been worn and loved. We buy them at a market and re-purpose them to be used as a camera strap or bag strap. Thus giving them another life!

We love all of the marks and spots and little intricate details of these well loved items. They will never be perfect and we don’t want them to be. They are well representative of the love that has been put into them. We hope this is informative and gives you a new level of appreciation for this wonderful item!