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Photographer Color Palette

Pair your camera bags together with a print and solid, for a combo that you can match to your brand colors.  Anne is carrying the full size Evermore in Roaming Rose and the Everyday Bag in the Grape Fable print. Both can carry multiple lenses, camera bodies and a laptop. Need help pairing? Hop on our Live Chat and tell the staff the tones your are working with. 

Hideaway Backpack Straps

Designer Camera Bags, Diaper Bags and Life Bags. Use them for whatever you like! 

Ready to go? Use the top handles or the shoulder strap for quick use, or, just pull out the hideaway backpack straps when you need a hands-free moment.Unzip the secret compartment. Take out your double cushioned, moisture wicking backpack straps and snap and go. 

The Camera Backpack

Pack the most gear, with room for all your accessories. Dedicated pockets for memory cards, batteries, cords and more. Perfect for wedding photographers. Double cushioned straps for comfort, even 8 hours into wearing it.

Winter Camera Bag Shoot

A moody mix of dusky blue hues and the Black Fable florals. A new take on a Winter color palette pairing of camera bags. 

Featured collection


We are so glad to help photographers have camera bags with matching accessories so that they can pair up a color palette to match their brand. A camera backpack for travel, camera bag for shoots, camera purse for those quick everyday moments and matching wallets for fun.