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Reinvention of "Momtographer"

Reinvention of "Momtographer"

he word "Momtographer" is a praise to your adaptability. That you can easily switch from being a professional photographer to a Mom. You have both the skill to run a business, the heart to raise kind children and the exceptional will to do them both.  
February 02, 2019 by Maureen Flynn
A Packing Guide: For Flights

A Packing Guide: For Flights

Traveling with gear can be nervewracking. Here are some tips, tricks and best practices to ensure that your experience runs as smooth as possible.
February 02, 2019 by Maureen Flynn
Winter Camera Bag Color Palette- Blue Hues and Dark Floral Tones

Winter Camera Bag Color Palette- Blue Hues and Dark Floral Tones

Amanda is a portrait photographer and loves the Black Fable Floral and we decided to pair her up with a dusky blue hue called, Waterbound. Each type of camera bag is paired together to work in harmony with the other for shooting and carrying gear. Check out this gorgeous match in a Winter-y tundra. 
January 12, 2019 by Maureen Flynn

Anne's Color Palette Photoshoot

We had such a blast styling Anne with her brand colors. She is a photographer at Visual Hayes and is rocking some amazing purple hair. When in comes to camera bags, she likes a little flare and some color, so we did a brighter palette with her that will work well with her hair and all the seasons. 

 Camera Bags Pictured from Top to Bottom-

First set- Roaming Rose Backpack

Second Set- Roaming Rose Full Size Evermore

Third Set- Grape Fable Everyday Bag

Fourth Set- Roaming Rose Full Size Evermore, Grape Everyday Bag, Blush Fable Everyday Bag

Fifth and Sixth Sets- Blush Fable Canvas Full Size Evermore

Seventh Set- Luna Bag in Lush Lavender

January 09, 2019 by Maureen Flynn