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We went to Iceland for the second time, to test out the HOF camera bags in some rugged conditions. Here is our journey into one of the coolest countries on the map and a destination for photographers everywhere.
HOF Crew that you will see, includes- Multiple staff members, community members, the owner of HOF, the owner's mother and her aunt.  

Day 1 - We arrive and hit up the Blue Lagoon

The world famous, Blue Lagoon was amazing. We opted to go at 5pm, so that we could see it in the daylight and under the stars. We recommend staying at The Northern Lights Inn, which is a 2 minute drive from the lagoon. They have an amazing breakfast that is included and it is a great place to fly in and go to upon arrival to hit the Blue Lagoon as your first stop.

Day 2- Arctic Freediving

We decided to check Arctic Freediving off our list and headed to Þingvellir National Park. The gap between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates is there. It is known as the Silfra Fissure and boasts crystal clear water with almost 100% visibility. The water temperature is 34 degrees Fahrenheit. We met up with Freedive Iceland and put on 7mm thick, cell activated wetsuits to protect us from the quick 5 minutes until hypothermia. Even in the suits, we could not feel our hands and feet. The exposed skin on our faces burned when it came in contact with the freezing water. It was a once in a lifetime experience. As it snowed around us, we dove in.


Day 3- Waterfalls

On our third day, we started to head North towards the glaciers. We stopped at a hidden waterfall along the way and some of the bigger, more well known ones too. At the hidden waterfall, we tested out the HOF black leather rucksack and stood almost right under the waterfall. Our staff member was soaked, but the gear inside was safe and dry. After the hidden waterfall, we shot at Skogafoss waterfall and headed into glacier territory, arriving at dusk to the Foss hotel and getting our first glimpse of the largest glacier in Europe, looming in the distance as the sun set.

After 4 hours of driving, we reached the glaciers at dusk.

Day 4- Glacier Driving and Ice Caving

We woke early to get to the famous glacier lagoon, Jokulsarlon. Our drive there was snowy, with ice covered roads. We wish we had rented a Jeep. Once at the glacier lagoon, we did our photoshoot and then met up with Ice Explorers, our team for the glacier drive and ice caving. We set off in their super Jeep, across the glaciers in Vatnajökull national park. Ice caving was amazing and we were able to see some incredible caves.


Day 5- Vik, Reynisfjara Beach

Our final day, we headed to Vik and my favorite, Reynisfjara beach. We brought dresses and met up with some HOF community members there and shot on the beach. The weather went from snowy, to sunny and back to a full on snowstorm, while we were on the beach and then, finally cleared up again. In the photos, you can see how different the weather looked throughout the shooting. From there we headed back to Keflavik and our hotel for the night.

Flying Home

We give all the HOF gear used on our trip an A+ rating. All of them outperformed what we expected and kept our gear safe, dry and were comfortable to carry. The cross body camera straps are also HOF and they were amazing and perfect to wear for long periods and lots of physical activity.

Photo Credit: Maureen Flynn